Deciding Between Curtains and Blinds Milton Keynes

The skirting boards are painted pristine white, the walls have been painted in your chosen colour, the feature wall is complete and the furniture is in. Your newly decorated room is almost complete; all that is left to do now is to dress the window. Unfortunately this isn’t always as easy as you may think as not only do you have to decide between window blinds Milton Keynes and curtains, but then you have to consider which style of your selected dressing you want.

Fortunately, our team here at Vision Blinds are on hand to give you the run-down of both choices, helping you to find the best solution for your home.


For a number of years, curtains have been seen as the more popular choice for a window dressing, as they’re considered to offer the ultimate protection and style. However, this isn’t strictly true.

Whilst there’s a wide variety of designs and styles available, choosing the ones which will not only complement your room but will also offer you the privacy you require can be difficult. There’s also the risk that the curtains won’t be as thick as you first thought, therefore letting too much sunlight in during those summer mornings.


Whilst the variety may not be as in-depth as it is with curtains, blinds can still be a quality acquisition for any home, tying together the look of any room and our team here at Vision Blinds can provide you with traditional blinds or offer a modern twist via our contemporary selection, ensuring you get the perfect look.

Along with supplying a wide range of window blinds Milton Keynes, here at Vision Blinds we’re also able to supply and fit conservatory blinds Milton Keynes within your DIY conservatories. If you’d like to view our wide selection of stunning blinds, visit our showroom or for more information on the best blinds for your room, call us on 08081 802357.