House Decoration Ideas Using Blinds

Blinds are often seen as a mundane and functional way of controlling the light that comes into the room. Many people think of conventional office-style blinds when they imagine the word, and don’t consider their potential when it comes to interior design, leaving the stylish adorning of windows to curtains and trinkets on the window sill. This however isn’t quite the case. With the huge range of distinct and elegant looking blinds in Cambridge available from us here at Vision Blinds, there’s no end to the different applications and designs you could use them for. Here is a few ideas of how to creatively employ blinds in your home, for that bespoke and individual look!

• Mix in curtains – Mixing curtains in with the blinds, instead of using either or can turn an ordinary looking window into an eye-catching centre piece or focal point.

• Light, patterned designs – Great for kitchens, and an ideal use for London blinds, paler colours and patterns such as flowers or wildlife appropriate a vintage aesthetic to the window area.

• Bold, striking colours – Often seen in dining rooms, matching the furniture, the quality of material available for Roman blinds in astonishing, and makes for some incredible deep reds and blues.

• Two-tone, roll up – Roll up blinds look best against large, tall standing windows, and a two –tone design, mixing a base colour with a design can lead to an easy-on-the-eye blending aesthetic both inside and out.

• Classic, vintage patterning – Dress blinds can bring a touch of elegance to any window, with carefully selected patterns that provide a vintage appeal, and often work well with the idea of mixing blinds and curtains.

Here at Vision Blinds, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the best quality blinds at brilliant, affordable prices. A family run business, we pride ourselves on the level of customer care we provide whilst never compromising on the high standard of blinds the company has become known for.

If you’re looking at redecorating, or fancy doing something different in doors, visit our website today, and browse the range on offer. You might just find something you that will work perfectly in your home with one of our above tips!