Louvolite Blinds Milton Keynes

When most of us stumble downstairs first thing in the morning, the last thing we want to do is spend minutes wrestling with stubborn blinds which resist our every effort to greet the bright morning sun. Traditional blinds can be difficult to deal with, as there’s always the danger of pulling too hard and bringing the blind crashing down to the floor – leaving unsightly drill holes and splinters in your window frames. Fortunately, Louvolite ‘Perfect Fit’ blinds from Vision Blinds operate effortlessly and don’t require any drilling whatsoever to fit.  Installing blinds Milton Keynes like these is simple.

Here at Vision Blinds we can provide the Perfect Fit system as roller, pleated or venetian blinds according to preference. The system allows blinds to be fitted to most UPVC windows in seconds, providing a no mess solution which can be carried out by anyone, regardless of their DIY experience. Once installed, blinds move with tilt and turn windows, and offer a more problem free opening and closing process than traditional styles.

Additional benefits include the fact that these blinds can be easily removed for cleaning, if changing styles require them to be replaced or simply because you want blind free windows for a time. Nevertheless, more style conscious homeowners can rest assured that perfect fit blinds look modern and contemporary and can refresh the look of older style windows.

Of course a simple and convenient fitting process is only worth having if the blind itself is of a high quality.

Here at Vision Blinds we stock a number of premium fabrics and materials which are combined with beautiful and imaginative designs and prints at our manufacturing facility. This means that we can provide perfect fit blinds Milton Keynes which are entirely bespoke and unique, and which, as the name suggests, perfectly compliment any property.