Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds Milton Keynes

If you have had your window blinds Milton Keynes for a while, you may have noticed that dust and debris has started to gather on them making them dull in appearance and generally lessening the aesthetic appeal of the room. Whether your blinds are fitted at the home or the office, we at Vision Blinds have all the best tips on keeping your blinds in immaculate condition, read on as we share our secrets to beautifully clean blinds.

Made to measure blinds Milton Keynes deserve to look their best at all times; as an integral part of home or office interiors Milton Keynes for both functional and aesthetic reasons they need to be cared for to ensure they look their very best. The following step by step guide aims to take you through the finest way of restoring non-fabric blinds to their original appearance:

Step 1

Use a small duster or soft cloth to remove the first layer of dust, taking care to pay attention to both the front and back of the blind.

Step 2

Using a non-abrasive antibacterial wipe, begin to gently rub the blind in a circular motion; this will remove older layers of dust and lift light markings.

Step 3

When the blinds are dry, fully close them and spray a thin layer of polish on to their surface and wipe over with a soft cloth. Turning them the opposite way, repeat the process on the other side.

If your blinds are made of metal care must be taken to ensure bending and scratching of the blind does not take place, for this reason it is best to remove the blind from the window and lay it outside where a hose can be used to remove dust.

Fabric blinds can be cleaned effectively by turning your vacuum to a lower suction setting and running over the material, take care to ensure the nozzle of the vacuum is clean before you place it on the material.

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