Window Blinds Bedford vs. Curtains

Blinds vs. curtains – this has been an on-going debate for years, but at Vision Blinds we specialise in the retail of window blinds Bedford, and we’re going to tell you why! Blinds have many benefits over curtains, however to give you some idea as to what these advantages are, we have devised this helpful guide which is overflowing with all the benefits of blinds which you are missing out on.

Visual Appeal

Curtains are very popular, but while you may get additional comfort with curtains, you get stylish, chic appeal with blinds. The smooth slats and flush finish works to create a contemporary design that will successfully refresh the interior and frame the views spanning out from your window.

Variety & Application

Blinds, much like curtains, come in a variety of different styles, design, colours and textures – giving you a lovely collection to choose the perfect window blinds. It is the broad selection of styles and colours available which make their application very diverse, so whether you want blinds for your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchens Cambridge – you will quickly discover upon browsing through our collection that there is the perfect blind available.


A curtain is very rigid in its role and can only be used to block light or not; in contrast, window blinds can block light, let a little light pass through its shutters, or leave the window completely clear to let all of the natural light into the room.

If these benefits haven’t swayed you into thinking that our window blinds Bedford are the winner of this fight, then you may change your mind once you have purchased some for yourself; but don’t take our word for it, why not come in store and see first-hand the benefits of blinds. We have a fantastic collection and we are more than happy to speak to you and advise you on the various styles available.